János Vecsenyi

János Vecsenyi Professor Emeritus, Corvinus University Budapest, Small Business Development Centre, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Business and Management Department. Professor Vecsenyi has been teaching at Corvinus University since 1978 and at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics since 2011. His main courses include entrepreneurship, starting and managing new ventures and launching innovative new ventures. He served as programme director and professor of the first MBA programme in Hungary at the International Management Centre, now CEU Business School. He was a visiting professor at the University of Tulsa (USA) and at INSEAD (France) and has lectured inter alia at Harvard Business School, UCLA, UT Austin, Dallas, Tulane, the University of Melbourne, the London School of Economics, the Czech Management Centre (Prague), VNIISI, Moscow and Erasmus University (Rotterdam).

Professor Vecsenyi has also worked extensively as a consultant to major Hungarian firms. Up to 2010, he was employed for more than a decade as a Learning and Development Leader at GE Capital, Budapest Bank. Professor Vecsenyi is a graduate of Budapest Technical University where he earned his degrees in mechanical and industrial engineering. He also holds a PhD from Budapest University of Economic Sciences, now Corvinus University. Professor Vecsenyi recently published three books on entrepreneurship: “Starting and Managing New Ventures” (2009, 2011, 2013), “Entrepreneurship. From an Idea to Restarting” (2002) and “Entrepreneurial Organisations and Strategies” (1999). Professor Vecsenyi has developed an online start-up support tool: www.startmybusiness123.com.