Kaat Peeters

Kaat Peeters is director of the “Sociale Innovatiefabriek”. This organisation promotes, stimulates and facilitates social innovation and social entrepreneurship throughout Flanders and Brussels. An emphasis is placed on major social challenges such as poverty, climate change, loneliness and urbanisation. Associations and companies can engage with this “Social Innovation Factory” that further refines concepts, provides expertise, a network and access to innovation funding.

Kaat is also active as a lecturer at the University College “Erasmushogeschool” in Brussels where she teaches social innovation.

Kaat was the director of the support centre for amateur arts for several years, worked at the Ministry of Culture and has also worked as cultural coordinator for a council. As part of these jobs, she established a European network and as manager was responsible for developing two newly founded associations into solid organisations.

Meanwhile, Kaat ran a shop for Persian and Arabic interior objects and a bed and breakfast in the centre of Ghent, the medieval city where she still lives. Kaat currently provides rehearsal spaces at her house.

Kaat sits on the boards of several cultural associations and an art school on a voluntary basis.