Research projects financed
by the EIB Institute



The map shows all the universities that have been working on research projects financed by the EIB Institute.

Clicking on a University Logo[1] displays information about the EIB Institute funded research project(s) of that university and a list of research papers related to the research project(s).

The blue dots[2] represent the precise geographical location of a university.

Moving your mouse near to a logo (within a cell[3]), displays links between the selected university and other universities and/or the EIB. A line connecting the university with the EIB indicates that the university has been a project leader for a research project. Lines between universities indicate their partnership in a research consortium (if applicable).

You can zoom in and out of the map by using Ctrl +/- or by pinching on your touch screen. You can also use Ctrl + F to search for projects or related research papers using keywords (author, project name, university or any theme).

The size of the cell does not bear any information in itself, it is computed in order to give room to all universities on the map.


Did you notice some mistakes, missing documents or dead links? Do you have a suggestion on how to make the Research Map more relevant to your needs?

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07/04/2017 - V1.07 - Update number 7

New content:
- [FCG] STAREBEI 2017 Flexible Pavement Service Life : added project
- [D-E] EIBURS 2015-2018 Demographic change in the EU : added 2 outputs
- [UPC] STAREBEI 2015: Updated website and added final report

07/02/2017 - V1.06 - Update number 6

New content:
- [UPM] EIBURS 2013-2016 Smart City Development: added 5 final outputs

27/10/2016 - V1.05 - Update number 5

New content:
- [Sacra Cuore] EIBURS 2016-2019 The impact of microfinance in Europe: added project
- [University of Groningen] EIBURS 2012-2015 Financial Literacy: added 13 outputs
- [Duisburg-Essen] EIBURS 2014-2017 Demographic change in the EU: added 1 outputs
- [University of Strathclyde] EIBURS 2013-2016 Administrative capacity building: added 5 outputs

27/06/2016 - V1.04 - Update number 4

New features:
- updated link to GitHub repository

23/05/2016 - V1.03 - Update number 3

New features:
- added legal disclaimer
- added stats tracker
New content:
- [Sorbonne] EIBURS 2011-2014 The rise of credit risk in microcredit: added 1 new output

09/05/2016 - V1.02 - Update number 2

New features:
- added the "contact us" tab in help section
- added website icons for past and current projects
New content:
- removed 1 university added by error
- [Oulu University] STAREBEI 2009 Communities’ technical networks: added 7 outputs
- [Finished projects] added 18 links to websites
- [Ongoing projects] links to 8 website are now showing up through website icons