Midday goes social 2016

We organise Midday goes Social seminars, conferences and roundtables on topical issues such as refugees, migrations, microfinance, social innovation and impact investing with guest speakers from civil society, NGOs, research institutes, foundations. We also partner with the University of Luxembourg and others in organising a series of lectures under the general theme of “Inequality and …?”.


    • Inequality and GDP

      Measuring inequality between countries is not as easy as it seems, said Robert Inklaar, Professor at the University of Groningen at a seminar organised jointly by the EIB Institute and the University of Luxembourg as part of “Inequality and…” series.

    • Inequality and fairness

      “People’s social preferences may clearly be shaped by the redistributive institutions that are present in a society,” says Bertil Tungodden, Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and Co-Director of the research group “The Choice Lab”.

    • Addressing the intergenerational divide in Europe

      Intergenerational inequality in the European Union increased during the economic crisis and policy measures are needed to address the gap between generations says Guntram Wolf, Director of Bruegel, the Brussels-based economic think-tank.

    • Financial inclusion in the digital age: 3rd ADA academic symposium

      Can the digital revolution, which is impacting every aspect of our daily life, play a positive role for financial inclusion? This question was at the heart of the 3rd ADA Academic Symposium, organised by ADA in partnership with the University of Luxembourg and the EIB Institute.

    • Europe’s regions should adopt Smart Specialisation Strategies

      Europe’s regions should adopt Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) if they want to succeed in the global economic race, says Dominique Foray, Professor at the Ecole Fédérale Polytechnique de Lausanne. Professor Foray is one of the developers of the Smart Specialisation concept, which has become a crucial part of the EU’s cohesion policy and a pre-condition for EU structural funds.

    • How impact is changing markets

      Rodney Schwartz, CEO of Clearly So, explains how impact investing is beginning to change today’s capital markets as investors are starting to pay more attention to the social, ethical and environmental impact of their investments and are keen to measure and assess it.

    • European Forum Alpbach: Innovative solutions to (not so) new problems

      “We need the migrants but we don’t like them. We need to solve this paradox”: Philippe Fargues, European University Institute, and Aron Mantver, Center for International Migration and Integration, debate about Europe and the migrants at 2016 Alpbach Forum.

    • A journey from the City to social finance

      How do you move from mainstream finance to social finance? The answer is “people”, says James Fairweather, Director of Big Issue Invest.
      Mr Fairweather was a successful fund manager for many years and is now a Director of Big Issue Invest, the social investment arm of The Big Issue […]

    • Inequality and the Great Gatsby curve

      The Great Gatsby curve is a chart plotting the relationship between inequality and intergenerational social immobility in several countries around the world.
      “Social mobility is lower where inequality is higher,” said Miles Corak, from the University of Ottawa, at seminar organised by the University of Luxembourg, the EIB Institute and other partners. This variation should be a public policy concern, he added, even if inequality is not the sole cause […]