Seminars and conferences 2012-2022

    • Investing in Net Zero: Leading the Way

      “We have to invest massively in innovation and renewable energy solutions, and address the energy security challenges in the context of the Ukraine war” said EIB Climate Chair Jos Delbeke in concluding the conference “Investing in Net Zero: Leading the Way” organized by the EIB and the European University Institute.

    • Assessing the potential of Floating Solar Technology

      Floating solar technology (FPV) has a lot of potential for land-constrained countries in the European market but clear guidelines and a robust policy framework are key for the market to develop according to the results of a STAREBEI research grant by Torstein Tryland, Johns Hopkins University -SAIS Europe, presented on 8 June 2022 at the EIB.

    • The positive impact of EIB lending

      EIB lending has a  “positive impact” on the GDP growth of Europe’s regions according to the results of the first STAREBEI research grant with Sapienza University of Rome presented on 12 May 2022 at the EIB.

    • Exchange rate determination in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries

      Micro-structural characteristics in Sub-Saharan African low and lower-middle income countries (LLMICs) complicate macroeconomic management and make a move towards floating exchange rates more difficult according to a research by the University of Leeds presented in March 2022.

    • Predicting cashflow patterns with AI

      Can Artificial Intelligence help in predicting cash flow timing and patterns for the EIB ? Researchers from the University of Zagreb’s Laboratory for financial and risks analytics tried to answer this question in the first STAREBEI research grant with a Croatian university. Results were presented in December 2021.

    • Financing regenerative forests

      How should financial instruments be designed to promote the regenerative capacity of forests was the topic of a STAREBEI research grant which results were presented in October 2021 at the EIB by Eveline Waigand, from the University of Luxembourg.

    • Financial constraints and EU firms investment

      What influence do access to finance and sources of financing have on European firms investment, particularly for investment in innovation where European firms are lagging behind US firms? The results are mixed according to a STAREBEI research presented in September 2021 by Luiss University of Rome.

    • President Hoyer at Sciences-Po: A vibrant plea for Europe

      On Monday 17 May, in Paris, EIB President Werner Hoyer delivered a vibrant plea for Europe to hundreds of Sciences Po students connected online.

    • How to protect coastal areas from climate change?

      Results of a STAREBEI research grant on How to protect coastal areas from climate change? were presented in March 2021 at the EIB by Marie Lendelova from Johns Hopkins University-SAIS, Bologna.

    • Broadband quality and economic development

      The relationship between broadband quality and income or unemployment is not straightforward but rather is based on complex mechanisms, according to the results of a STAREBEI research with Chalmers University (Sweden) presented on 3 February 2021.