Seminars and conferences 2013

The Institute organises regular seminars and conferences to encourage knowledge dissemination and innovative thinking about issues of particular concern to the EIB Group. These serve both to help staff in their work and inform the general public.

    • Jorgen Randers of The Club of Rome and Professor at the Norwegian Business School looks forward 40 years to ask questions such as will there be enough growth and jobs? And will democracy survive?

    • Through a case study of a major transport project in London, Luca Cocconcelli and Francesca Medda of University College London, UK, look at how to fund major projects at a time of budgetary constraints.

    • Steve Killelea of the Institute for Economics and Peace, UK, presents an innovative approach to measuring peace, the Global Peace Index.
      The index measures violence in society in developed countries as well as the impacts of war.

    • We are increasingly reliant on the internet but it remains vulnerable to cyber attack, Professor Giampiero Giacomello (University of Bologna) points out. He argues that more investment is needed to increase security.

    • A panel of European academics discusses the outlook for higher education in Lithuania at a session held in Vilnius.
      Drawing on the experience of other European Union countries, what should Lithuania do to ensure a high quality of higher education in the nearest future?

    • European Central Bank Vice President Yves Mersch (Luxembourg), Member of the ECB Executive Board and Governing Council, and former President and founder of the Bridge Forum Dialogue explains why a banking union needs to support the European economic and monetary union.

    • At the renowned European Forum Alpbach in Austria, an EIB Institute organised panel with representatives of academia, industry and the public sector looks at the perspectives for the EU innovation policy.

    • Professor Elsa Fornero, former Minister of Labour and now at the University of Turin, presents the Italian experience of attempting pension reform at an EIB Institute/CEPS Instead seminar.

    • Paul Schmitt, Conseiller d’Etat, presents the Luxembourgish institutions.

    • Experts from the public and private sectors and academia discuss the opportunities for investment in countries east of the EU in an event organised with the Polish Embassy in Luxembourg.