Seminars and conferences 2015

The Institute organises regular seminars and conferences to encourage knowledge dissemination and innovative thinking about issues of particular concern to the EIB Group. These serve both to help staff in their work and inform the general public.

    • Is the EU cohesion policy effective?

      Is the EU cohesion policy effective? The answer is a mixed yes, as many criticisms of cohesion policy are warranted, said John Bachtler, Professor of European Policy Studies and Director of the European Policies Research Centre at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

    • Reding: “Europe needs one rule for one continent” to build the digital market

      European fragmented rules are a major bottleneck to a well-functioning European digital market, said Viviane Reding, former Vice-President of the European Commission, Member of the European Parliament.

    • Filling the equity gap in the capital markets

      Today, business angel and venture capital activity in Europe is less than one fourth of that in the U.S. So how to boost entrepreneurship and fill the equity gap faced by startups in their early life cycle? Vincenzo Capizzi, SDA professor of banking and insurance at Bocconi University, has answers.

    • Growth contract needed between Greece and its official creditors says Sakellaris

      A “growth contract between Greece and its official creditors is needed” for the country to resume “strong and inclusive growth” and continue restructuring its economy, says Plutarchos Sakellaris, Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business and Director of the Laboratory of Economic Policy (EMOP).

    • Facts and interpretations of the Eurozone debt crisis

      The Eurozone crisis is “the conjunction of many crises at once but above all a crisis of governance”, says Lorenzo Codogno, visiting professor at the London School of Economics and former Chief Economist and Director General at the Treasury Department of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

    • Europe’s credibility at stake in the Mediterranean says former EC Commissioner

      “Europe’s credibility is at stake” in the Mediterranean region says Franco Frattini, former European Commission Vice-President and Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security (2004-2008). This seminar was organized by the EIB Institute in collaboration with the Bocconi Alumni Association Luxembourg.

    • China’s economy should avoid a hard landing according to Bank of China’s chief economist

      The probability that China’s economy will have a hard landing after years of double-digit growth is “small” says Bank of China’s Chief Economist, Dr Cao YuanZheng.

    • Angels and venture capitalists: substitutes or complements?

      When it comes to financing the start-up companies that Europe so badly needs, are business angels and venture capitalists complements or substitutes ? Yes, says Paul Schure, Associate Professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who presents evidence that angels and venture capitalists are alternative financing models for start-ups.

    • The case for a European social union: from muddling through to a sense of common purpose

      Prof Frank Vandenbroucke, KU Leuven and former minister of Social Security, Health Insurance, Pensions and Employment in the Belgian Federal Governement (1999-2004), argues for the need and desirability of a European social union in which European countries would cooperate with an explicit social purpose.

    • University policy needs to beef up for Europe to be more innovative

      European countries need to beef up university policy to ensure future sustainable prosperity, according to the participants of this roundtable discussion organised by the EIB Institute and the foundation “Empower European Universities”.