Trainings 2019-2021

The Institute organises trainings aimed at its SIT Alumni that cover topics of interest for impact businesses and help them with burning issues related to their work. These trainings are offered by renowned experts and practitioners in relevant areas. The Institute also partners with prestigious universities to offer scholarships to SIT Alumni to selected programmes. 

    • Finding a flow state for your work

      Have you ever worked in a flow state, when you have been fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus? The EIB Institute is organising an exclusive online training programme for the SIT Alumni Network on “Finding a flow state for your work” delivered by Kim van Niekerk, a top communication coach.

    • IES Strategic and financial planning programme

      The EIB Institute, in partnership with IES-Social Business School, is organising an exclusive training course for the SIT Alumni Network on Strategic and Financial Planning Programme.

    • Influence marketing

      Influencer marketing was impacted radically in 2020. From changes to popular themes to the emergence of nano influencers, the landscape shifted and so did how we go about executing.

    • Data Science and Visualisation for Business

      The EIB Institute and IE University are partnering again in 2021 to provide three scholarships on the 5-week online programme on Data Science and Visualisation for Business.

    • Writing for the WEB and SEO

      Regardless of the platform you are using, understanding how to write copy is imperative. However, in 2021 you are not just writing copy for people but also search engines. This workshop takes you on a journey on how to write for people, especially people reading on their phones but also shows you techniques on how to write for search engines so the relevant people can find you on Google to other platforms.

    • E-training on how to communicate your impact

      The EIB Institute is organising an exclusive training for the SIT Alumni Network, on how to communicate your impact with Kim van Niekerk. This blended training will be delivered in May and June. Six videos will be released on the following dates and a live wrap up, Q&A session will be held on 15 June from 11h00 to 13h00 (CET).

    • Content marketing

      If you have uploaded any content to the internet, then you are a media company by default. Everyone is fighting for attention and trying to cut through the noise in 2021 is very important. This workshop looks at what cutting-edge content looks like today, demonstrates fundamental ways to promote that content and ultimately shows ways to get people to take action.

    • IMM eLearning courses

      Impact measurement and management (IMM) remains a significant challenge for social entrepreneurs around the world. The EIB Institute and inFocus Consulting are partnering again in 2021 to offer the SIT Alumni 2020 cohort elearning courses on impact measurement and management (IMM).

    • Digital marketing, social media and analytics: An omnichannel strategy

      Marketing has evolved to a point where independent, isolated marketing channels now need a higher level of strategic, organizational and technological integration in order to function effectively and meet the ever-growing demands of hyper-connected consumers.