Social innovation Tournament

Information & Rules for Applicants

The EIB Institute announces its first Social Innovation Tournament. The Tournament seeks to promote the generation of innovative ideas and identify/reward opportunities promising substantial societal benefits or demonstrating best practices with tangible, scalable outcomes. It targets the creation of social value in relation to the fight against social exclusion. Entries may therefore fall in a wide range of fields, from education and health care to natural or urban environment, from new technologies to new systems and new processes. Improvements in these fields are critical to business success, and social innovation could have a substantial social impact. More.


2nd round participants may also benefit from meetings with participating fund managers and other business specialists during the Award Event that will take place in Luxembourg.

Participation in the Tournament will not, in and of itself, give the EIB Institute any claims on Intellectual Property rights.

Information on Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for proposals will be September 14th by cob. Both the electronic and softcopy application materials must be submitted by this date under the name of the individual or team submitting the proposal.

The finalists of the 1st round who will be screened to proceed into the 2nd round of the Tournament will be announced by October 12th at the latest. The final Event, where the finalists will be invited to present their proposals, will take place in Luxembourg on November 29th, 2012.

Requirements & Application Information.


Key Evaluation Criteria.

All submissions must comply with all the rules listed above and commit to use potential awards for the purpose of their proposal.

Key evaluation criteria for the 1st round selection include the relative significance of the problem targeted, the sustainability of the innovation proposed and the estimated social impact of the proposed solution.

2nd round assessment will take account of the likelihood for implementation based on the scope of the proposal’s social vision and its overall cost effectiveness as well as the team’s commitment, strategy and implementation capacity.

Applicants selected for the 2nd round will be allowed to fine-tune/complete their ideas following their selection. In such cases, the full application material should be submitted not later than November 10th (with the new elements properly identified).

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