Joan Hernandez Pijuan, Limits, 1998, Sean Scully, Passenger White White, 1997, Jaume Plensa, Untitled, 1996 , Jannis Kounellis, Untitled, 1996 ©

The EIB’s art collection comprises some 900 works – paintings, photographs, works on paper, sculptures and installations. Most of the collection consists of European contemporary art. It is complemented by works acquired prior to the now long-established focus on contemporary art, and includes a number of Old Masters, 19th century and modern artworks.

The EIB collection offers a distinctive outlook on European contemporary art and has progressively emerged as a showcase for excellence, while also ensuring exceptionally broad geographic representation. The collecting policy requires works of art to have been produced after 1958, by an artist alive at the time of acquisition who comes from one of the EU Member States or candidate countries. Art acquisitions are subject to a rigorous process of selection, under the guidance of an Arts Committee and with the assistance of well-established experts.

The development of the collection remains a continuous process of renewal, reflecting changes in the EU and its art. In recent years, efforts have been made to develop new means of sourcing work from newly established artists. The focus on acquiring from emerging artists emulates the EIB’s prudent and long-term perspective on financing, and its innovative character.

A guiding collecting principle is to encourage reflection in a manner consistent with the corporate vision. Displayed in the EIB’s offices, and complemented by an arts programme that responds to strategic developments, the EIB collection aims to offer creative energy, inspiration and even spiritual nourishment, on a day-to-day basis.