To ensure maximum visibility and exposure of the artworks, regular hanging refreshment and rotation allow staff and visitors to encounter the EIB collection in a new light. Thematic internal exhibitions – 2019 New Acquisitions (2020), La Terre est bleue comme une orange (2014), Portraiture (2012) or Women in the EIB Collection (2011, among others – stimulate the creation of new narratives and strengthen the dialogue between the collection and its external and internal audiences. Most recently, the exhibition Through a Feminist Lens: Feminist Art in the EIB Collection (2020) showed that feminist concerns permeate the EIB art collection. The artists included engaged with many of the most pressing feminist issues of our time: the representation of women’s bodies, the interrogation of the self, the pitfalls of consumerism and the urgency of environmentalism, testifying to the richness and variety of the category, feminist art.