Since its creation in 2013, 34 artists or artistic duos from 17 EU Member States and Turkey have participated in the Artists Development Programme.

44 bodies of work have been produced and 33 have been acquired by the EIB to further enrich its collection thus impacting the artistic career of many.

Meet below our 2023 artists in residence!


    • Larissa Araz

      Larissa Araz (Türkiye, 32) is a polyvalent artist working in a broad variety of media, such as installations, sound, light, text and photography.

    • Zhenia Stepanenko

      Zhenia Stepanenko (Ukraine, 27) has an artistic practice that combines her personal experiences with speculations and mystifications on contemporary society in though-provoking and interactive installations. She is the second artist from Ukraine to benefit from the extension of the ADP to a Ukrainian laureate following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    • Marta Djourina

      Marta Djourina (Bulgaria, 32) has an analogue photographic practice that explores the essence of light, examining the interactions between natural and artificial light with photo-sensitive media…

    • Jonathan Pêpe

      Jonathan Pêpe (France, 35) is a polyvalent artist who works with drawings, films, installations and digital media. His practice investigates human’s shifting perception of the border between living and non-living creatures…

    • Lisa Hoffmann

      Lisa Hoffmann (Germany, 32) conducts artistic research that is concerned with the exploration of the ecological crisis, its roots, narratives, emotional responses to and the material reality of it. Her practice is research-driven and often consists of installations and films…

    • 2023 Artists Development Programme laureates announced!

      Jonathan Pêpe (France), Lisa Hoffmann (Germany), Marta Djourina (Bulgaria), Larissa Araz (Türkiye) and Zhenia Stepanenko (Ukraine) are the 2023 laureates of the Artists Development Programme (ADP).a residency and mentorship programme organised by the EIB Institute.  The five laureates will complete a three-month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris under the mentorship of acclaimed Franco-Italian artist Tatiana Trouvé.

    • Nikolay Karabinovych

      Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was decided to complement the EIB Group’s wide-ranging action by offering support to the Ukrainian cultural sector through the sponsorship of an additional Ukrainian ADP laureate. Nikolay Karabinovych (Ukraine, 34) is an emerging artist living and travelling between Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris and Kyiv

    • Liviu Bulea

      Liviu Bulea (Romania, 32) lives and works between Turda and Berlin. For his BA and MA at the University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca (Romania), he conducted artistic research on the diseased body, focusing on memories of spaces and objects from hospital oncology wards.

    • Pauline-Rose Dumas

      Pauline-Rose Dumas is a French textile artist who currently works at Le6B Saint-Denis “Lieux de creation et de diffusion” (Paris).  After graduating with a BA in Textile Design from UAL London, Chelsea College of Arts in 2019, she completed a 6-month residency at the Berlin Art Institute (BAI).

    • Laure Winants

      Laure Winants (Belgium, 30) is a research-based artist. Through interdisciplinary and experimental projects, she develops her work as a political place in which to explore the elements.