A capstone is a consultancy student project: a team of four to six Masters’ students works under the supervision of the EIB Group staff who has proposed the topic. Projects have a resolutely operational approach and enable students to undertake a real-life consulting project on topic relevant to the EIB Group. At the same time, they allow EIB Group staff to carry out useful and often directly applicable operational research.

Once the project is finalised, the students’ team is invited to the EIB in order to present the results of its work.

Projects carried out this year were: “Building an European SME dataset”, “Estimating the rate of return to capital in the EU” both with LSE, “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for International Financial Institutions (IFIs)”, “Climate related risks in EIB portfolio” both with Sciences Po and “Competencies and Politicization in Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Development: The Case of the Pedemontana Veneta“ with Bocconi University.