Cooperation with University of Luxembourg


The EIB and the University of Luxembourg renewed in 2019 their Memorandum of Understanding.

Examples of cooperation between the EIB and the University include the October Days for Sustainable Development, a joint conference held since 2014 and a series of lectures under the general theme of ‘Inequality and… ?.

They have also developed an inclusive finance-focused training programme – the Certificate in law and regulation of inclusive finance – which will take place for the fourth time in 2020. In July 2019, the University joined forces with the University of Padua to hold the first research conference on the EIB, its role and its impact at Esch-Belval (Luxembourg), including work from researchers from across the world.

Staff and university staff pool knowledge, some teaching at the university (Masters Course on Energy Efficiency, Certificate on Inclusive Finance…) and others in conferences at the EIB or publishing co-authored articles while graduate students of the Luxembourg School of Finance and the Luxembourg Business Academy (LBA) have opportunities for internships at the EIB in Luxembourg.

The University’s School of Finance (LSF)  benefited from an EIBURS research grant (2010-2013) on benchmarking European SME credit performance.

The EIB donated documentary resources from the EIB library to UniLu’s European Studies Library, providing access to all the Bank’s collections of historic documents.

The EIB has also supported various academic events such as the 2011 Summer School of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) on “Modelling Cities and Urban Dynamics“, the 2012 Summer School and Research Symposium on “Analysing Regional Social Cohesion: Theoretical and Methodological Training for Advanced Research“, the 17th Financial Managements Association (FMA) European Conference (2103) and the sixth meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (2015).