To keep the spirit of the EIB Summer School alive, the EIB Institute has launched a dedicated programme: the EIB Summer School Alumni programme.

The programme aims to create a community of ambassadors of the EIB Group’s mission among these future potential stakeholders. It is reserved for all previous students of the EIB Summer School. In July 2022, alumni gathered in Luxembourg to exchange with students of the 2022 cohort.

The programme offers Alumni opportunities to further and strengthen the dynamics of the EIB Summer School by organising meaningful conversations related to the EIB Group’s mission and development.

The first initiative was a seminar series on “The role of the EIB Group in the current pandemic crisis”. From May to July 2020, in eight interactive sessions, experts from the EIB Group shared insights on the EIB Group’s response to the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis from various angles: strategy, operations, finance, credit risk and health investment policy. Sixty participants from 10 universities attended and received Certificates of Attendance.

EIB Summer School Alumni are also invited to compete in the European Ethics Bowl (EEB). Launched by the Institute and three leading European universities (Ljubljana, Paris Dauphine, Goethe University Frankfurt), this collaborative event is a competition where participating teams discuss ethical dilemmas related to economics and business.

Teams of three Master’s students are assessed by a group of independent judges as well as the participants’ peers on their ability to analyse and discuss a case that cannot be tackled from a one-sided perspective. The competition starts on Global Ethics Day (21 October) and ends with the Final between the two best teams on Global Anti-Corruption Day (9 December).