We channel support, mainly through grants or sponsorships, to higher education and research activities, particularly in the field of applied economics within Europe.

The EIB University Research Sponsorship (EIBURS) programme provides research grants of up to EUR 100 000 a year, for a period of three years, to research centres working on topics of major interest to the EIB Group (EIB and EIF). Twenty-nine EIBURS research projects led by 24 universities and research centres from 11 countries have been financed so far.

STAREBEI (STAges de REcherche BEI-EIB research internships) is a programme that provides grants to universities in order to finance junior researchers carrying out research projects proposed by the EIB Group (EIB and EIF) under the joint supervision of a university tutor and an EIB co-tutor. To date, more than 30 young researchers from 26 universities in 11 European countries have benefited from the STAREBEI programme.

See our Research Map to learn more about EIB funded research.