The Institute makes grants for purposes of disaster relief. In 2017, the EIB Institute raised EUR 500 000 for Portuguese REVITA fund for reconstruction after the devastating forest fires in this country and EUR 250 000 for a donation following natural catastrophes in Peru and Colombia and for a donation following catastrophes in the Caribbean and Mexico. In 2016, the EIB Institute raised EUR 250 000 for a donation related to the earthquake in Ecuador and EUR 250 000 to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. This follows two donations made in 2015, one following the earthquake in Nepal and one for refugees coming to Europe.

The EIB Institute also organises donations of IT equipment no longer used by the EIB Group to non-profit organisations, local community centres or schools registered in an EU country.

In 2017, 185 desktops, laptops and other IT equipment were donated to 16 schools and non-profit organisations. The Institute also renewed for three years its partnership with Close the Gap which takes used IT equipment to African schools helping young people in the countries concerned to improve their educational and economic prospects. Since the first contract with Close the Gap was signed in August 2014, the EIB has donated more than 2 000 pieces of IT equipment to the organisation.

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