Rules governing the donation of decommissioned IT equipment

The Institute will make available desktops, laptops[1] and tablets that are no longer used by the EIB Group, to non-profit organisations, local community centres, religious institutions or schools registered in an EU country [2]. Donations of decommissioned IT equipment are awarded at the discretion of the Institute and decided on the basis of the use to be made of the IT equipment.

For your request to be considered, please submit a signed application form:

School application form for IT request: ENFR

Organisation application form for IT request: EN, FR,

Together with a cover letter bearing the letterhead of the organisation requesting the decommissioned IT equipment, by e-mail to or by post to European Investment Bank Institute – 100 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950 Luxembourg. Applications must be signed and submitted by the legal representative of the organisation. Adequate evidence[3] will be required of that person’s powers to represent the organisation.

Click here for eligibility criteria

and here for terms and conditions for the donation.

[1] All laptops and desktops will be cleaned of all data and software before being donated due to confidentiality and licensing issues.

[2] Political parties are not eligible to receive a grant.

[3] Adequate evidence can be defined as a letter submitted by the organisation requesting the donation of decommissioned IT equipment, bearing the organisation’s letterhead.