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Join the first European conference on community disaster preparedness

Do not miss this opportunity to learn from scientists, humanitarians, policy makers and medical professionals how being prepared can save not only human lives, but also our environment, animals and property.

When: 27 October 2022, 09:30 – 18:15 (CET)
Where: EIB headquarters, Luxembourg, Online

Registration are closed but you can join us online

With climate change, extreme weather events are on the rise, resulting in floods, wildfires and heavy storms. Being prepared for them can save not only lives, but also things in the physical world that are dear to us – our environment, animals and property; further, being able to act the right way and help others will boost morale at the difficult time the event occurs and of the aftermath.

The conference will address the situation in Europe and seek answers to questions, such as, e.g.:

  • Why do we need to prepare for natural hazards? What difference does it make if the population prepares for natural hazards?-Are we prepared to cope with the aftermath of events caused by natural hazards? What happens before and after such an event?
  • How do policymakers, states and municipalities, as well as civil protection (intend to) involve the population in preparing for natural hazards?
  • Why are some communities more successful in preparing for the next natural hazard?
  • How do we structure the financing of preparedness for natural hazards?

The event is accessible to anyone interested in the topic and free of charge. Registrations are mandatory before 24 October.

For more information on the event, please contact: institute@eib.org.