October Days for Sustainable Development

22 October 2020

Biodiversity loss and pandemic emergency: reverse the trend for building a sustainable future

Mauro Randone
Regional Manager
WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative

A Marine Biologist and Sociologist with long-term experience in international cooperation and natural resource management. Mauro is Regional Manager at WWF Mediterranean where he coordinates the Sustainable Blue Economy Programme. He specialises in integrated ocean management and the sustainable blue economy and was involved in various blue economy projects globally. He contributed to developing the MedTrends report in 2015 which aimed at assessing the long-term blue growth trends in the Mediterranean region while addressing the increasing pressures exerted by various economic sectors on the marine environment. He is the main author of the report entitled “Reviving the Economy of the Mediterranean Sea: Actions for a sustainable future” (2017), which assessed the overall economic contribution of a healthy Mediterranean to the GDP of the region.