Social Platform Meetings

The EIB Institute organizes regular meetings and seminars to present and share knowledge and best practices in the field of social entrepreneurship and of philanthropic initiatives

    • BEI_conference_14juin_016 Companies are from Mars, NGOs are from Venus

      Why do companies and NGOs often find it so difficult to interact in a meaningful way? “Because they don’t consider the relationship as a mutually beneficial situation but as a case of “we want their money” (NGOs)“ or “we have to finance an NGO” (corporates), said Kim Van Niekerk, at an EIBI Social Platform seminar.

    • Vincent Ferry, Clair de Lorraine How to foster employment for people with disabilities?

      Fostering employment for people with disabilities requires multi-faceted approaches ranging from public policies to innovative solutions proposed by three of the winners of the 2015 Social Innovation Tournament, Koiki, BLITAB and Marioway.

    • Maria Nowak, ADIE “Entrepreneurship: what is microfinance doing for it? From theory to practice!”

      This meeting of the Social Platform was dedicated to the topic of social entrepreneurship and microfinance, with four eminent speakers presenting valuable experiences and initiatives.

    • Daria Illy Illy and Sustainability: more than just coffee

      In this fifth meeting, Daria Illy, Director of New Business Development at illycaffè, and Riccardo Illy, Chairman of Gruppo Illy Spa, told an audience in Luxembourg how illycaffè has integrated sustainable thinking into its organisation throughout the history of the company since it was founded in 1933.

    • Social Platform 4th meeting Social entrepreneurship: From theory to practice

      Social entrepreneurship was the topic of the fourth meeting of the EIB Institute’s Social Platform. Three social innovators, Hedda Pahlson-Moller (The Impactory), Inge Gondwe-Knapen (Close the Gap) and Cristina Simionescu (Recicleta), presented their initiatives.

    • Marc Wilwertz Philanthropy in Luxembourg

      Philanthropy in Luxembourg was the topic of the Social Platform’s third meeting with Pierre Lorang, a former journalist, and Marc Wilwertz, Public Relations Officer at the Banque de Luxembourg, discussing the topic and sharing the experience of Banque de Luxembourg in that field.

    • Robert Wagener The Not for profit sector!

      The second meeting of the Social Platform was dedicated to the Not for profit sector. Ms Tonika Hirdman (Fondation de Luxembourg) and Ms Claude Medernach (Arendt & Medernach) discussed general issues dealing with the not for profit sector.

    • First meeting of the Social Platform

      Are you actively offering your time to support social organizations and/or activities? Are you considering how you can help social causes? Come join us for a one hour session and participate in an open exchange of information and reflection with EIB colleagues and former colleagues. Mr. Robert Wagener, chairperson of the Social Platform, will lead […]