Social Platform





Every year current and former EIB Group staff are involved in a variety of philanthropic initiatives, charities and enterprises. The EIB Institute’s Social Platform, chaired by Robert Wagener, seeks to create a community that facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences and challenges among members actively involved in social activities; it supports the creation and dissemination of knowledge for those involved in philanthropic activities; and it informs the EIB community and the local social community at large of the EIB’s involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

The EIB Institute regularly organises meetings and seminars to exchange ideas, experiences and challenges among members as well as training courses  on fundraising whereby participants in two-day courses learn about modern fundraising techniques, and on how to access EU funds.

We also take part in the “Speed Meetings” organised by IMS Luxembourg as part of their Part&Act initiative which allows a diverse group of businesses to establish partnership agreements with Luxembourg-based charities, social enterprises and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).  In 2016, we signed 24 “contracts”, in 2015 15 contracts and 11 in 2014