High school students in Tunisia and Senegal have discovered the liberating power of music thanks to the action of Tunisia88, and Senegal88, two projects supported by the EIB Institute.

88 International;– as per the number of keys on a piano keyboard – an association led by Carnegie Hall pianist Kimball Gallagher to promote musical education as a way to encourage mutual discovery, and foster harmony across different cultures is leading both projects together with local partners. 

In Tunisia a country where there is no musical education for students more than 60 000 high school students have joined student-led, after-school music clubs in high schools all over the country, in particular in less developed and less privileged areas.

Tunisia88 clubs plan their own musical events in their communities, participate in song-writing contests, and hold regular weekly meetings. Selected members participate in leadership and creativity trainings and in the national Tunisia 88 Choir which has already performed with professional orchestras most recently in Beirut (Lebanese American University), Istanbul, Mâcon and Lyon (France). Wherever possible, Tunisia88 commissions and performs music by young Tunisian composers.

Tunisia88 is run in partnership with Action et Développement Solidaire (ADS), a Tunisia based NGO; 88 International; and the EIB Institute. The project is under the ‘High Patronage’ of the President of the Republic of Tunisia.

    • Senegal88: students discover music’s liberating power!

      Dozens of high school students from impoverished areas of Dakar in Senegal are discovering the liberating power of music thanks to the action of Senegal88, a project supported by the EIB Institute.

    • A tribute to musical education in Tunisia

      In this video, Yahya Mhirsi a young Tunisian pianist with Tunisia88 sums up a very special year

    • Tunisia88: music knows no lockdown

      No country is immune from COVID-19 and Tunisia has been hit as well. Schools have been closed and gatherings prohibited. But this is not enough to deter Tunisia88 high-school students from continuing to play music together and sharing it with audiences online.

    • Musical innovation in Tunisia

      Every year, Tunisia88, our partner organization for musical education in Tunisia, organizes a song-writing and performance contest for high-school students from all over the country: the Tunisia88 Music Awards.

    • Nights in Tunisia

      On a hot summer night, more than 3,000 people gathered in the majestic environment of the Roman amphitheatre of el Jem, in Tunisia.The concert they came to listen to was performed by a professional orchestra Jeunes Cordes de France accompanied by a choir of high school Tunisian students who had never been on stage before.

    • When music liberates Tunisian students

      Tunisia88 has just finished the second year of execution of its first phase, extending from 2016 to 2019. The project organises 88 highly interactive educational concerts or workshops, focusing on high schools, covering all of Tunisia’s 24 governorates. So far, 21 governorates have been visited. Each concert launches a student-led, after-school music club.