How can companies and businesses contribute to implementing Agenda 2030? Conversely, can the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) create value for enterprises? This was the focus of the October Days for Sustainable Development 2017 dedicated to “SDGs and Business”, organised by the Institute and the University of Luxembourg with the support of other partners.

Twenty panellists from major companies (ENEL, BASF…) as well as smaller or local ones (SEP JORDAN, PALL Center), consultancies (PwC, Deloitte), academics (University of Luxembourg) and experts (2030 HUB, GRI…) participated.

They explained how companies can redesign production patterns and processes to implement the SDGs. In order to do this, it is crucial to foster awareness and capacity development in the business world and to be able to monitor progress – including business impact in working towards the SDGs. Click here for the video.

Every year since 2015, the October Days for Sustainable Development have contributed to the global debate on the SDGs by enhancing dialogue among stakeholders.












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Maria Cristina Papetti, ENEL, Peter Saling, BASF, Roberta Ventura, SEPJORDAN, Christian Wickler, PALL Center




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