Rima Igoseva










John Donaldson












Ludovic André











Maris Briedis

Céline Boisbunon

The 2018 laureates of the ninth edition of Behind the Lens, the EIB Group staff photo competition, are: Céline Boisbunon (1st Laureate), Rima Igoseva (2d Laureate and Staff’s Favourite), Maris Briedis (3rd Laureate), Ludovic André (Laureate Special category “Cultural Heritage”),  John Donaldson (Laureate One-off category “Integrity Matters”).

There were five categories: three recurrent themes – “EIB footprint”, “My Europe” and “Sustainability”, a one-off category – “Integrity matters” and a special category “Cultural Heritage”.

Of the 332 submissions, the Jury selected a shortlist of 23 photographs, exhibited at the EIB Art Space. A record total of 1282 staff voted to elect the “Staff’s Favourite”, who received 243 votes.

Behind the Lens was launched in 2010. It offers an experimental platform to engage with the staff at all levels of the organisation and let them express their creativity. Photos are judged on their artistic merit, technical excellence and originality, as well usability for future marketing publications for the EIB. Both a specialised jury and the broader corporate audience cast a vote, choosing the overall laureates, three runners-up in each of the categories and the Staff’s Favourite.