The EIB Institute is launching HELITFIN, a new financial education programme in Greece, following the success of a similar programme in Bulgaria and an ongoing project in Italy.

This will be the first time that systematic and harmonised activities focusing solely on financial education are implemented in Greece.

The programme aims to increase the financial literacy of Greek students, familiarising them with basic economic concepts and offering them the opportunity to apply those skills in their lives.

From September 2019 to September 2021, over 40 000 primary and secondary students mainly from underprivileged areas in Athens, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia and Epirus will benefit from financial education activities. These will be a combination of training and mentoring sessions and awareness-raising activities provided by the  partners of the Institute, Action Aid Hellas, in collaboration with Aflatoun International and ERGO. Five hundred and fifty educators will first be trained on how to apply the HELITFIN curricula and materials in their classrooms while 2 000 educators will be reached via an online awareness raising and training campaign.

A well-known NGO in the field of education and awareness-raising campaigns, ActionAid Hellas has managed and implemented EU-funded projects under various European programmes promoting global citizenship education and human rights education through innovative practices and methods.