SIT Alumni are hitting the airwaves to raise awareness on the importance of Social Entrepreneurship for children by talking to teenage reporters of Rádio Miúdos, a Portuguese radio station, itself a SIT Alumnus.

Starting 22 April, ten SIT Alumni will be interviewed and explain their solutions in a clear and didactic way to inspire children (and their families) and prepare them to be the agents of social change in the future. Lotte Leufkens will be the first entrepreneur to talk about her venture, CloudCuddle, an inflatable bed-tent for disabled children to keep them safe and help them—and their parents—sleep well. Other SIT Alumni interviewed will be Paulina Olsson (Peppy Pals), Michael Van Cutsem (Beeodiversity), Hugo Menino Aguiar (Speak), Sandra Rey (Glowee), Alberto Cabanes (Adopta un Abuelo), Xavier Marichal (Usitoo) and Javier Pita (Navilens).

Each podcast will last ten to 30 minutes and will be aired both in English and Portuguese, and will be broadcasted on the websites and social media of, the EIB Institute and the interviewed SIT Alumnus.

Launched in 2015, Rádio Miúdos is the first Portuguese-language radio station for kids, produced by kids, reaching thousands of Portuguese-speaking children around the world in 176 countries. It broadcasts around the clock via a website and a free mobile app. It focuses on the positive development of each child through Portuguese music, culture and language, and on the preservation of culture and language for migrants and Portuguese-speaking communities across the world.