Theoharry Grammatikos

Professor Grammatikos is now pursuing his third important career path. After receiving his Masters and PhD from New York University (NYU) he engaged in the “publish or perish” effort at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, after short assignments at NYU, Hofstra University and the University of Piraeus, Greece. He did not “perish” because he managed to “publish” his work at the Journal of Finance, Journal of Business, Journal of Monetary Economics and Journal of Banking and Finance among others.

He then took a short break from academia to join the European Investment Bank to apply in the real world some of the theories he was teaching. This “short” assignment lasted 20 years (…) during which he developed and was responsible for the Bank’s Management Information System, Cost Accounting, Budgeting and Strategic Planning among others. Having completed this exciting journey to the real world he then responded to his Finance calling and joined the LSF in September 2009 where he enjoys teaching and doing research in traditional subjects and, increasingly, in areas that exploit the new possibilities created by the age of the web.