Ten SIT Alumni were showcased at the annual conference of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) on 6 November 2019.

The impact start-ups were: Bayes Impact (Employment, France), Feelif (Inclusion, Slovenia), GiveVision (Inclusion, UK), Jobiri (Employment, Italy), Konexio (Employment, France), MyMind (Health, Ireland), Matter (Circular Economy, Portugal), Peppy Pals (Education, Sweden), Piano C (Employment, Italy), Walk with Path (Health, Denmark).

For its 15th anniversary, EVPA joined forces with ImpactCity during the ImpactFest in The Hague, gathering 1 000 participants from all over the world on 5-7 November 2019. Speakers for the ten start-ups from six countries shared their experiences and tried to attract investors and network contacts to help them scale the impact of their ventures. The session was moderated by Professor Filipe Santos (Dean of Católica-Lisbon) and hosted by Luisa Ferreira, Head of Social at the Institute.

The Institute’s partnership with the EVPA started in 2017 (please click here to go to the page of other EVPA conferences), with the organisation of the first Institute’s session within the EVPA annual conference.

Created in 2004, the EVPA helps investors and grant-makers connect and learn from each other in their pursuit of deeper societal impact. It brings together a diverse community with a common interest in venture philanthropy and social investment.

Please click here for a video  and here for the booklet of the event.