Close to 100 students have already graduated from the University College London (UCL)’ s Masters of Science degree in Infrastructure Investment and Finance, a degree programme supported by the EIB and taught by EIB staff.

The Masters Programme started in 2013 and was renewed for five years in 2018. It reflects the importance of infrastructure for stable, sustained growth and prosperity throughout the developed and developing world. Governments are increasingly focusing on the role that infrastructure investment can play in leading economies out of recession, promoting long-term sustainable growth and protecting the environment.

Based at the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, the programme is designed to enable infrastructure specialists to develop the multi-disciplinary skills essential to the effective financing and delivery of complex infrastructure projects. It  brings together academic research, industry experience and policy best practice. This helps to effectively and efficiently target infrastructure investment to address crucial structural issues such as congestion, access to clean water and stable energy supplies. It  also helps policy makers to better understand effective financing of public and private infrastructure and how to deliver first class, affordable infrastructure.

Beside teaching EIB staff can also undertake joint research projects with UCL and the Bank may offer traineeships and placements to Bartlett students.

Since its creation in 1958, the EIB, the EU Bank, has financed thousands of infrastructure projects in Europe and beyond. In 2018, EUR 12.3 billion went to infrastructure projects out of a total EIB financing of EUR 55.63 billion.