The call for proposals for a new EIBURS research grant on the topic:‘Impact of gender mainstreaming in infrastructure projects – Evidence from a water project in Madagascar’ is now over. Universities and research centres had until 30 April to submit their proposals.

Since 2017, the EIB Group Strategy on Gender and Women’s Economic Empowerment (GS) aims to embed gender equality and women’s economic empowerment into the EIB Group’s activities both inside and outside the EU. The EIB is currently considering using women’s time usage as a proxy indicator of the impact infrastructure investments can have on freeing up women’s time to engage in productive activities and hence to reduce the gender wage and pension gaps. However, the suitability and effectiveness of using this indicator still has to be tested. The EIB has thus approved a pilot phase during which such an indicator, its use and its validity will be explored alongside its potential practicable application to EIB infrastructure investments.

This call for proposals will focus on a water investment project and tackle this issue from this perspective. It will focus on the design and initiation of an impact evaluation, including the gathering of baseline data, and provide guidance on the best indicator(s) for the EIB to use as a proxy of gender equality impact in water infrastructure projects. It will be based upon a water project in Madagascar that aims to strengthen and improve the drinking water supply in Antananarivo in terms of availability, quality of service and coverage

EIBURS provides grants to EU based universities and research centres working on research topics of major interest to the EIB Group. Sponsorships -of up to EUR 100 000 per year for a period of three years- are awarded through a competitive process to interested university departments or research centres  with recognised expertise in the selected area.

Proposals should be submitted in English by 30 April 2021 24:00 (CET) to: Proposals submitted after this date will not be considered.