Partnering with the EVPA (European Venture Philantropists Association) for the first time, the Institute hosted a session showcasing high impact ventures at the EVPA Annual conference in Oslo on 10 November.

The session aimed to inspire and attract all those interested in investing (not only money, but also human resources and network contacts) in high impact ventures. This included venture philanthropists and foundations, as well as business angels and equity impact investors.

Seven projects – ColorADD, KoikiProgetto QUID, SPEAK, Apps for Good, Recicleta, and Code for All – were presented, giving social investors and EVPA members a sense of some of the most interesting social innovations being developed across Europe. These ventures have strong potential for replication and scaling and are a source of inspiration for the work of venture philanthropy and ecosystem-building.

All projects presenters were members of the SIT alumni network and participants in the first SIT impact bootcamp held in 2016 together with Católica Lisbon under the academic leadership of Professor Filipe Santos.

Luisa Ferreira, Head of the Institute’s Social Programme, also presented the Social Innovation Tournament and the SIT alumni network. Click here for presentation.